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Enhance your Managerial, Leadership Skills & Presence

How can you reach faster your full potential while staying true to yourself?

Entering into a new position, changing environment, wanting to boost your performance or just needing a sounding board to ensure you stay focus. 

Contact me today for a discovery session to design your or your employee's transformational journey together.

What is Individual Coaching 

Individual coaching is a confidential and trustful relationship in between the coachee and the coach. It enables to unleash the potential of the person being coached in order to achieve his or her objectives. Through different approaches and tools, the coachee will evolve towards her goals, at her own pace and in line with her values.


The main objectives of Individual Coaching

  • Performance 

  • Start of New Role - Promotion

  • Start of an Entrepreneur Journey

  • Leadership and Strategy

  • Transition​​



An individual coaching runs for a set number of sessions. Depending on the objectives and needs, it could last from a couple of weeks up to a year. 


Sessions are usually about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours long but could vary according to the needs and situation. Sessions can be face to face, or remote, such as by phone or virtual meetings.


  • An initial meeting is set for the future coachee to meet the coach and share his/her objectives. Once they have decided to work together, a formal meeting is set up in between the coachee, his/her supervisor or HR and the coach. The objectives and the working contract are aligned with all parties.  

  • The coaching contract ends with a closing session in which the coachee, his/her supervisor or HR and the coach review the outcomes of the coaching contract.

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